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In the past Sansepolcro was called Borgo del Santo Sepolcro. It is situated at the border between Umbria and Marche and it's the most populated town in the Tuscan part of Alta Valle del Tevere. Thanks to its strategic position it is the administrative capital of Tiber Valley. Sansepolcro is the hometown of Piero della Francesca, famous painter of the Renaissance. Today you can visit the Town Museum where it is possible to see Piero della Francesca's emblematic The Resurraction.

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The Aboca company, within the ambit of its specialization in the cultivation and the transformation of medical plants, offers the opportunity to rediscover the millennial relationship which bonds man with medical plants.


Through the herbs and health path in the centuries, in the prestigious and rinascimental location in Sansepolcro, the Aboca Museum diffuses the ancient tradition of the medicinal herbs thanks to past sources: such as precious herbals, books of pharmaceutical botany, ancient mortars, pottery and glassworks which frame this enchanting and unique museum in the Tiber Valley.


Aboca Museum is a great cultural project wanted by Aboca to recover and spread the traditional use of medicinal herbs. The route, “Herbs and Health throughout the Centuries”, which covers two floors of the 18th century Palazzo Bourbon Del Monte exhibits a fine collection of mortars, ceramics, glassware, laboratory tools, books and ancient herbals in which you can admire the artistic work in service of medical-herbal science throughout the centuries.


The history of the relationship between man and medicinal plants is explored in depth through historical and philosophical exhibitions that explain on clear panels all of the symbolic constructions in the world of herbs, produced by a boundless variety of human cultures, on the theological, philosophical, mythological, magical and literary levels.


A very important part of the museum is Bibliotheca Antiqua, the botanical library, composed of about a thousand printed volumes from historic periods included among the 16th and the 20th-century, which holds a variety of types of works, ranging from the first treatises on the “simples” to the study of pharmaceutical botany, volumes of alchemy to pharmacopoeia, natural science, ancient recepies.


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