One of Italy's most picturesque towns

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Anghiari is situated in a natural terrace, at only 8 km from Sansepolcro. It is one of the most beautiful village in Italy and it has the acknowledgement of Bandiera Arancione (Orange Flag). This town is popular also for the famous painting of Leonardo Da Vinci La Battaglia d'Anghiari in 1440.

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Anghiari is considered one of Italy's most picturesque towns. On June 29 1440 the plain at the town's outskirts was the setting of a famous battle, which would be later aptly named "the battle of Anghiari". It was fought between the Florentines -back then allied with the Holy See- and the Milanese.


Even though not very bloody, the Tuscan victory had nevertheless major political implications, as it frustrated expansionistic Lombard ambitions. Leonardo da Vinci, upon the Florentine government's request, celebrated this event for posterity, depicting through a complex fresco-based technique the famous battle in Palazzo Vecchio in (Florence).Unfortunately mere copies of this masterpiece survive today, including one by Rubens, presently part of the Louvre collections in Paris. Anghiari, alongside its inspiring churches, houses important museums as well: the Palazzo della Battaglia also known as the "museum of the memories and landscape of the land of Anghiari" and the Museo Statale di Palazzo Taglieschi.


The Museo della Battaglia di Anghiari gives the visitor a chance to get an insight both on the battle's development and on the artistic event tied to its depiction by Leonardo. Museo Taglieschi is home to an eclectic collection comprising frescoes from nearby palazzo and churches, a polychromatic painted wooden Madonna by Jacopo della Quercia, and ancient Robbiane ceramics.

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