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The Tuscan Valtiberina is that part of the territory of the Tuscany Region which together with Valdarno, Valdichiana and Casentino forms the province of Arezzo. The valley is characterized by a hilly landscape, drawn by the Tiber River that traverses and outlines its morphological traits, characterized by the alternation of the plains and the surrounding mountains. The flora and fauna of the countryside still have the characteristics of a nature at times uncontaminated.



On the second Sunday of September Biturgense takes place the traditional Palio della Balestra between the towns of Sansepolcro and Gubbio, a precision shot race, animated by an agonistic spirit of five hundred years old but still present. The visitor will be abducted by the colors of the flags of the flagellators, the madonnas, the messengers and the armed men, with the elegant costumes of Piero della Francesca's time, carrying them to the rhythm of drums and clarinets at party.

Food and Gastronomy


When talking about Tuscan cuisine it is impossible not to mention sausages and cheeses such as Tuscan pecorino, finocchiona or salami of Cinta Senese, made with the meat of the typical black pig grown on the hills of Siena. The meat, prepared in many different ways, is among the things that anyone who goes to Tuscany has to taste. One on all: the legendary Florentine steak, made with Chianina breeds, typical of Val di Chiana.


Popular Tours

Piero della Francesca

in Arezzo

In Arezzo two are the obligatory stops in order to admire the stilistic genious of the “Biturgense” master: the Cathedral, which is a sort of casket to the unicum of Maddalena and the Bacci Chapel in the Basilica of St. Francis.

Piero della Francesca

at the Museo Civico

The museum is situated in an old palace of Sansepolcro, the seat of the municipality until the 60s. The present aspect of the building has resulted from a number of architectural changes, which began during the 14th century.

To the discovery of Aboca Museum

The Aboca company, located in Sansepolcro, within the ambit of its specialization in the cultivation and the transformation of medical plants, offers the opportunity to rediscover the millennial relationship which bonds man and medical plants.


Thanks to the skill and professionalism of Matteo, we have been able to admire some of the extraordinary works of Piero della Francesca kept in the Museo Civico of Sansepolcro. A beautiful museum with the works of Piero della Francesca, and in this period enriched by an invaluable work by Caravaggio.

Nicola P.


You can not go from Arezzo without visiting the Basilica of San Francesco and admire the amazing frescoes by Piero della Francesca, preserved in it and depicting the legend of the true cross. The atmosphere is engaging and Matteo is kind and competent. The restored frescoes are beautiful! Not to be missed!

Alessandra R.


A historic, well-kept, clean and well maintained village. We did it in the evening after dinner, it's really a lovely place, perched on the hillside and immersed in its history. The scenery is spectacular and all the historic buildings have been kept, it really deserves to be visited.


Elena S.


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